Monday, March 28, 2011

Following-it's tough

It's tough to follow God--don't you agree?  I mean when we are fully seeking Him and fully depending on Him to direct our paths, it can get hard--but there are HUGE rewards and GREAT blessings that come forth when you are turning your life completely to God.

I sat down this morning to finish a homework assignment that is due in 2 hours--but it was so heavy on my heart to write this, that I am doing this instead.

God has brought my family a long ways in the last 2 years.  We have had one adventure after another.  I really wish that I had done a better job in keeping up with my blog...but maybe this is my new start!  We are living in the school that Randy and I are attending--that is our current adventure.  It has been a tremendous blessing-God brought us here and worked this housing situation out for us--but lately it has been HARD. We live in 2 rooms with a bathroom.  The boys have one room and Randy and I have a room.  In our room we have our bed, 2 desk areas, a table to eat at, an "kitchen" area consisting of storage space for food, a mini fridge and a microwave.  In our bathroom we have a coffee pot and toaster oven as well as a spot for our dishes to dry.  It is cramped and this last few weeks has felt VERY cramped.  I miss walking into my living room and dropping down on the couch.  I miss being able to have friends over.  I miss just having a regular home with a kitchen that isn't enormous and one that the boys can come into.  I know God has brought us to our current place, and I know that He has us here until He is ready to take us elsewhere--but it is hard to keep the right prospective--this is temporary!

Philippians 4 is an awesome passage to go to when times are hard and we are filled with anxiousness and feel like we can't go on.  I have been spending time reflecting on this passage and am now trying to memorize it. 

When we are determined to follow God no matter where it takes us and no matter how hard it is and no matter what it means we have to give up, He is going to bless us for our commitment and our steps of faith.  And think about what blessings from God look like!!! He is the almighty creator of the heavens and the earth--what magnificence there is--what blessings there can be.

Be encouraged that God takes us on journeys and He doesn't just leave us alone, He is right there walking with us no matter what is going on and He will be our strength.  We need to learn to trust in His strength as we walk the paths that He has for us.

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