Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Challenge

I issued a challenge in my last blog.  Someone did take me up on that challenge.  I am posting today to add to the challenge and to update on my progress and to find out if anyone else has given it a shot!

I did about 50% on the last challenge. I am going to strive to do better this time! The last challenge consisted of daily readings and 2 meditations. I also suggested working on memorizing some scripture.  I did about 1/2 of my daily readings, didn't work on much memorizing, but did finish the meditations. 

If anyone worked on this things, please post and let me know what you learned and what you are working on memorizing.

For the next 2 weeks

This week:
Daily reading: Acts 23 & 24
Memorize: I am still working on Romans 6:1-10
Meditate: Romans 7

Next week:
Daily reading Acts 25 & 26
Memorize: Romans 6:1-12
Meditate: Psalms 25

I hope that you will give this a try and let your mind open up to what God wants to show you! I am looking forward to working on it and really putting effort into connecting with God and seeking His will for my life.

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